Last March of the Tyrants

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The cards are all lining up now and soon mass consciousness will have to draw a card; will it be the ace of hearts or will it be that of the frozen chosen?

As the jovi shadows approach ... will you stay behind ... will the autumn winds blow through you ... will the mists of time know you ... when will the sadness be lifted from your souls ...

Should they fall from grace .. others would take their place ... and round and round you go again thru the cycles of time and space, until you own yourselves and know yourselves

Touch the sky with your minds ... the universe with your souls but most of all touch the earth and each other with your hearts ... for what are you saving yourselves for ? will the sorries of tomorrow be easily said ?... will your words and actions be of regret ?

Leave your false illussions behind while you let your blind men lead the way .. will you leave nothing to die for and nothing to live for ? .. are you no more than mortal fools letting the mad men make the rules ? your altar is empty and the your sacrifice is gone!

It's your eyes with their vision and your choices but their decisions ... your land but their possession .... look inside yourself to see both sides of the mirror .... earth is about to turn a corner ... what awaits beyond that curve of light is up to you dear humankind...

You came to dance a destiny on golden wings ... but with the trick of the light you gave it away unknowingly and have been afraid ever since to take it back... your time is now to take it back ... Own your selves oh human ones!! for if others were to do it for you they would own you and thus why you must do it for yourselves ..... allowing others to do it for you will never allow you to own yourselves ..

By the time you read these words ... many of you may have marched in your bodies, your minds and souls against the jovi war machine ... may your march bring fruitful for peace, may your march pound in unisun with earth's inner heart as it beats with the universe ... may your march be a signal that this time may be the last march of the tyrants as earth and consciousness upon her reclaim their rightful to be!

If the 6 was a 9 and the 7 was a 12 would you see through the veils ? if we said the 10 was a 24 and 27 was a 33 would you believe ? would everything come in 3's ?